Your body’s Innate wisdom, the key to Your Transformation into Freedom

Your body’s Innate wisdom, the key to Your Transformation into Freedom

Beginning meditation sitting quietly and focusing on the body is a standard meditation technique.  Firstly it enables the mind to settle, thus it enables the practitioner to come to know the both the body and the mind very intimately.  This a perfect companion practice with my energy healing.  Both share a mind body connection leading to greater awareness of both.  My practice of energy psychology is more and more focusing it’s healing to include both on the physical body and the emotions.  Given that emotions are a composite of physical sensations and thoughts this makes perfect sense.  These mind/body emotions are also what lead to all kinds of physical disorders.

Eighty present of physical pain, even serious manifestations in the body such a TMJ and back pain I have totally resolved with the energy psychology techniques I employ.  By clearing the emotions that held the muscle tensions lodged in a part of the body, the entire issue becomes resolved. Sometimes the healing is instantaneous and sometimes the manifestation of pain in symbolic. Sometimes the bodily pain is reflected symbolically.  I recognized this when working with someone whose knee pain was so great she had difficulty walking.  The root issue? Disempowerment.  Disempowerment so great it had literally cut her off at the knees. This problem took a little time.

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It is only through the sensing organ of the physical body that we come to know the world we live in. Ultimately by paying close attention it can tell us as much about ourselves as the world around us.  Every experience we have gets stored somewhere in our body. It is therefore important to recognize when and how our body communicates information we have ignored or misunderstood.

Although most of us know that pain is our body’s way of communicating on some level.  Still even when we know this, we know it only superficially.  Meaning, we don’t really pay attention.  Typically it is only when pain becomes unbearable that we seek medical intervention for relief.  But is that really the wisest response?  I say this because allopathic medicine is brilliant when the body has reached a crisis but its focus is restricted to the most critical issues, meaning those things that will kill us.  Doctors are far too busy and don’t get compensated for the investigative work required for maintaining a state of real health.

Universal as pain is, did you know that 80% of pain has an emotional root?  Personally whenever I have pain I muscle test the for root cause.  I want to know if it is emotional or at least partially so.  Often it is and therefore something I can resolve with energy healing?

  My back has truly scary x-rays do to old injuries.  I have two discs that are a hair away from being fused, meaning I’ve suffered for years from back pain. I went from chiropractor to chiropractor as well as a medical massage therapist on a weekly basis seeking to find the person who could stop the degeneration.  The pain I figured I just had to live with.  But when I began my training in muscle testing and energy healing, I asked my body’s innate wisdom via muscle testing if emotions really were what was driving my back problems.  The response of course was affirmative and I cleared all of the old negative emotions that still resided in my back. I now see a chiropractor once every six weeks and rarely do I really need an adjustment.  Most importantly I no longer suffer back pain.  Additionally every person I’ve worked with for back pain I have managed to resolve the pain completely.  That is because the back holds a great deal of our emotional journey.

Another example of how emotions form the basis for our physical pain is a client of mine who suffered tremendously from TMJ.  She was seeing an acupuncturists weekly, was currently seeing a chiropractor three times a week, and had worked with her dentists.  All without relief.  She further complained she had spent thousands of dollars for no results.  I asked her if it had occurred to her that her body was communicating with her the only way it could.

 Her issue it turns out was her supposed best “friend” who was driving her crazy and taking serious advantage of her inability to set firm boundaries.  She was resentful and angry but unable to stand up for herself.  One visit cured the physical pain.  We did continuing work together for a couple months for her inability to set a clear boundary. And then a year and a half later the “friend”, more issues and severe TMJ were back.  This time, one visit with facing tough realities was all that was needed. 

Pain is a great motivator, maybe even the greatest.