Common Problems to Learning to Muscle Test

Common Problems to Learning to Muscle Test

I have observed that, initially, people are able to muscle test accurately or reliably on others about 50% of the time, and somewhere around 80-90% of people are initially unable muscle test themselves or surrogate test accurately. Learn more about Energy Healing, Muscle Testing & Mental Clarity.

The primary reason for this barrier to learning to muscle test is that they are subconsciously blocking their ability to do it. That is, they are psychologically reversed. They will test negatively on this statement: “I want to muscle test accurately on myself and/or others every time I test for anything from now on.” Then, when we explore the subconscious reasons for this Psychological Reversal (PR), almost all of these folks will test negatively on these three statements:

Muscle Testing

• “I don’t think I am smart enough to do this.”

• “I don’t deserve to have such elegant help.”

• “Besides, it’s just too weird for me.”

They may, of course, have additional subconscious messages that sabotage them; but that is rare. No matter, I simply eliminate all of these messages (“the problems,” in BSFF terms) with one single treatment. Then, people invariably start to test accurately right away. I am confident that EFT and other Energy

Therapy techniques could correct this polarity reversal just as well. Of course, muscle testing is a skill; so, like any new skill, it does require practice. I do not introduce self-testing until people have experienced my routine muscle testing with their arm 50 to 100 times or so. I want them to feel reasonably comfortable with the validity and reliability of muscle testing before suggesting that they try it on their own.

Another possible reason for difficulty with muscle testing accurately may be that the polarity of the electromagnetic circuits (meridians) are switched. This is often caused by “neurological disorganization.”

One way this can be detected is by having a person walk a short distance (five or ten steps) and watch whether his/her arms swing in the natural cross-lateral way. If one or both arms are constricted in the natural full swing, they are highly likely to be polarity switched. You can also test for such switching by having them place the palm of either hand on, or just above, the crown of their head. Then muscle test them with their other arm. If they test strong, they are most likely not switched.

Double-check this by having them turn the hand over so that the back of the hand is on, or just above,
the crown of their head. If they test weak now, they are not polarity switched. In both tests the hand should be placed at the crown, and not forward or to the back of the head, because the polarity is different there.

However, for people whose polarity is switched, they will test weak with the palm down and strong with palm up. A simple, temporary, correction for this is to have them walk (or just stand in place) and swing their arms and step in a normal cross-lateral fashion for five to ten steps.

Another temporary correction is to gently rub the K-27 points (CB spots) for about ten seconds. (There is no need for them to say anything). These spots are just below the collarbone, on each side, about one inch off center. Learn more about Energy Healing, Muscle Testing & Mental Clarity.