The Spiritual Journey

Meditation teaches us how to reside with pain and how to be with pain so that it does not become suffering. Now using that same distress, BSFF with the use of a cue word, programs the unconscious mind to instantly resolve and eliminate all psychic limitations and distress not due to the external environment. In other words, BSFF enables us to not only manage our difficulties but eliminate the internal origins that is the Buddhist definition of suffering.

The existential predicament starts with the fact that as humans we want a sense of secure ground. Yet somewhere along the way we may come to the frightening realization that uncertainty and groundlessness cannot be avoided. We may experience this when we are hit with a personal crisis, such as a serious relationship breakup, a financial reversal, or a troubling diagnosis. It may become clear to us that what we want is a sense of certainty and meaning—yet we live in a world that may not offer either. This is the essential predicament that all of us face, and particularly so as we get older. The existential predicament continues with the fact of our basic aloneness. At bottom, this is the tension we feel that comes when we recognize our absolute isolation—the fact that we are born alone and that we will die alone. We may not recognize this very often, but it is in sharp contrast with our deep desire for connection, protection, and our wish to be part of a larger whole.

Perhaps the most daunting part of our existential predicament is the fact that we will all someday surely die. This is in direct conflict with our deeply ingrained desire to continue to live. There is no getting around this conflict—wanting to exist and knowing that someday we will no longer be. We can posit an afterlife or take comfort in the legacy of our children or our accomplishments, but in truth, this comfort may not be enough to prevent the anxiety from seeping through. The solution is in our acceptance of the fact that we will all eventually surely die and our ability to surrender to this as part of the natural order of things. But this is not something that many consciously engage in addressing until we are at the end of our lives.

So what about today, given this is not where I am in my life, how may I address the basic dilemma of my existence today? How can my life become more satisfying today? How can I know that my life is on track with my soul’s purpose? These question have driven me my entire life and given me no peace. Initially it was finally and only with HBLU but now even more with BSFF that a solid connection to my own highest self’s knowing has been established. I have found both a profound enabling to live life on its own terms and the ability to free myself of the old energy patterns at the root of life’s problems in the first place. I can imagine no more solid grounding than knowing when and how my own highest self is directing me. Enough so that what used to terrify me, that feeling that my life was in freefall, I can recognize as a kind of liberation of what has been holding me back. The release of old traumas and images has enabled me to fly and discover an emergence of a True Self underneath.