Healing Modalities

Even though there are more and more energy modalities almost daily that do work, all of them are missing a crucial piece. That piece is a comprehensive methods based and tested umbrella that meticulously maps all of the interference patterns to achieving our life’s goals. Without this umbrella, even though these energy healing modalities all work, they have no way of clearing the entire pattern leaving difficulties to persist. Healing from the Body Level Up (HBLU) and Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) both in different ways provide that overreaching umbrella as well as using the client’s unconscious deepest wisdom as the director of the treatment and in charge of the healing.

HBLU was originated by a biomedical scientist and the method is fast and reproducible. The original research and biomedical science draws on state of the art techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Energy Psychology (EFT), hypnosis, psychology, spiritual tradition and more to treat the widest possible range of blocks from simple phobias to complex dysfunctional family system patterns. The result is Healing from the Body Level Up (HBLU), a unique and effective mind/body/spirit healing methodology that can help you get unstuck and eliminate unnecessary suffering. It clears those unreachable blocks to success on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels so that you can finally achieve your goals.

Accessing the Unconscious Mind is the key.

When you’ve done your best to solve life’s problems but find that they are not under voluntary control, you are experiencing unconscious self-sabotage. This is because it is the home of our emotions, dreams, imagination, creativity, body reactions, and habits! Our rational logical mind runs very little of our lives, yet we mistakenly believe that it is in charge. Because it runs 90% of our lives, even to a large extent our physical health, patterns in the unconscious are what cause us to keep doing what we know is not healthy or getting into problem situations that are not what we intend.


"Like many people of my generation, I thought if I did everything right, I’d get the cookie. I had excellent cognitive ability, I worked hard, and was conscientious. I was treading water for an entire lifetime, totally bewildered by why I could not get a leg up."

BSFF is the life’s work of Dr. Larry Nims. With this method we quickly and effectively reprogram the unconscious mind. Our unconscious directs our lives to conform to however it has been programmed. It directs the course of our life, leaving us without choice to direct our life any other way. It controls our perception, thoughts, choices, decisions, feelings, and actions. These unconscious beliefs determine our world view. It creates our understanding of who we are, what we are capable of, and what we deserve to have. It determines how difficult things are going to be in our life, what we can expect from ourselves, and the kinds of limitations we face in the world.

Using conscious focus and effort, we may feel better and be in control of a situation for a short time. However, our subconscious eventually takes over. As a result, those buried emotions and beliefs repeatedly stimulate new difficulties and no matter what kind of traditional treatment is used no permanent relief can result because relief is blocked on the subconscious level. The cycle can be endless, but finally there is hope.

BSFF is the most effective tool for reprogramming the subconscious and eliminating the destructive programs that determine the outcomes of our lives. It makes use of the characteristics of the subconscious to neutralize the emotional energy in any problem, dismantling the belief system at the root level. After all, we believe what we feel.

Using BSFF I will effectively reprogram your interior saboteur. It is this saboteur that keeps you stuck in place, limiting your progress toward positive growth and personal freedom; often leaving you feeling even worse than ever. Energy therapies call these saboteurs reversals and they stop you dead in your tracks, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Old programs will no longer automatically rule your life and cause emotional pain. You will eliminate the roots of the beliefs and emotions that lead you to sabotage yourself.

Physical Pain

Beginning meditation sitting quietly and focusing on the body is a standard meditation technique.  Firstly it enables the mind to settle, thus it enables the practitioner to come to know the both the body and the mind very intimately.  This a perfect companion practice with my energy healing.  Both share a mind body connection leading to greater awareness of both.  My practice of energy psychology is more and more focusing it’s healing to include both on the physical body and the emotions.  Given that emotions are a composite of physical sensations and thoughts this makes perfect sense.  These mind/body emotions are also what lead to all kinds of physical disorders.

Eighty present of physical pain, even serious manifestations in the body such a TMJ and back pain I have totally resolved with the energy psychology techniques I employ.  By clearing the emotions that held the muscle tensions lodged in a part of the body, the entire issue becomes resolved. Sometimes the healing is instantaneous and sometimes the manifestation of pain in symbolic. Sometimes the bodily pain is reflected symbolically.  I recognized this when working with someone whose knee pain was so great she had difficulty walking.  The root issue? Disempowerment.  Disempowerment so great it had literally cut her off at the knees. This problem took a little time.