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My How Muscle Testing Led to my Soul's Purpose

My first exposure to muscle testing for stress release was some 30 years ago.  I found it be wildly successful in getting to the bottom localized stressors. Later I worked with a total of 4 separate psychotherapists who employed the techniques of TFT, EFT, TAT, EMDR, hypnosis, NLP, Theta, the Emotion Code and many more energy therapies.  All of this was an attempt to get to the root of my financial and professional woes.  Unfortunately if the issue is not cleared 100% the clearing will not hold.  So after years of trying I was right back in the pea soup again.  But then…

One of these therapists later told me one day “I think I know someone who can finally get to the root of your professional/financial difficulties and do so very quickly.  It took four visits.  I was astounded.  So what is it that made what she did so effective after years of failure?  She employs in addition to all of the above, a modality called Healing From the Body Level Up or HBLU.  After 30 years of searching energy healing, HBLU was the first comprehensive approach that mapped the depth and breadth of the interference patterns of the psyche.  These other approaches all being localized or unilateral left parts unresolved and so efforts did not hold.  Later I was led to Be Set Free Fast or BSFF.  BSFF is an even faster and more direct means to comprehensively, and permanently free us from our invisible, internal limitations.  BSFF has become my go to method that heals 85% of what all others can do combined.  

 After the very first visit using HBLU, I left a perfectly healed, healthy Enneagram 4.  My apologies for using a term that is not familiar to the general public but as I was very familiar with the Enneagram, to say I was astounded is an understatement.  The Enneagram is a system of change that many psychotherapists’ coaches and meditators (I am a lay Zen monk) employ because of its deep, comprehensive psychological and spiritual insights. 

On my second visit I happened to say in passing “what a profound gift to be able to give to someone.  I wish I could be able to do something like this.”  Her response was “you can.”  I stopped for a moment and thought, you are right, energy modalities and energy psychology is unregulated by the state.  I don’t need to be a clinical psychologist.  I do need the training and the certification.  As such many coaches also make use of energy modalities in their work.  At that moment I decided THIS WAS WHAT I WANTED TO DO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.  I HAVE FOUND MY SOUL’S PURPOSE!  I have trained and become certified in these same methods as well as several others and now assist my clients in the elimination to those blocks that limit their lives and their soul’s journey.  What could be more satisfying that that?

As a lay monk I have used BSFF to further deepen my Zen practice and I am pleased to say my energy practice benefits from my Zen training.  They both reinforce and compliment the other and I draw on and bring that background to my healing practice as well.  As it was written by

Sekito Kisen, like the foot before and the foot behind in walking, each thing has its own intrinsic value and is related to everything else in function and position.  Ordinary life fits the absolute as a box and its lid. 

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