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be Set Free Fast is a method Of Resolving all psychic limitations or distress not external in nature.

We can delete the Entire unconscious program responsible For the presenting problem.

Common Treatments


Emmergenc is able to clear all depression that is of an emotional or spiritual nature. Although some depression is genetic in origin requiring pharmaceutical intervention, however even this depression can be greatly reduced or managed by clearing the emotional components.


As with depression, anxiety can have physical roots that need separate treatment. The emotional, psychological, and spiritual components of anxiety are easily treated and resolved.


Addiction is a serious problem that affects millions of people. Recent research shows that most addictions are of emotional origins. As emotional difficulties are eliminated, addictions have a way of disappearing on their own.


Most people suffer from one or more phobias, from mild to severe. This could be the result of a traumatic experience, such as fear of driving after an auto accident.

Another common phobia is the fear of public speaking needed for professional advancement. Both of these are very easy to treat and resolve. Don't allow phobias to dictate your life.

Grief & Loss

Commonly after losing a loved one the grieving party tries to get on with normal life again without success. Pain is a normal response to loss but the real suffering is caused by unnecessary painful thoughts and beliefs we wrap around the loss. Usually this takes as little as one appointment to move through successfully. Pain of course remains but after treatment it is significantly more manageable.


Emmergenc is a great resource for those who have experienced chronic pain or traumatic events in their lives. PTSD is a more complex form of trauma and phobia, however, it is most responsive to being completely cleared.

Physical Pain

Emmergenc is a great resource for those who have experienced chronic pain in their body. Eighty present of physical pain, even serious manifestations in the body such a TMJ and back pain I have totally resolved with the energy psychology techniques I employ.

common questions

I can help you to heal the underlying parts of yourself that contribute to the difficulties. I can also help you to have healthy boundaries on all levels. That in itself changes the dynamic of relationships. Taking care of your own part in a relationship is in essence all anyone can do. For specific communication techniques, I suggest you might try learning nonviolent communication. I am not, however, a marriage and family counselor. When that is needed I can refer you.

Again I am not a business coach but what I can do is help you to remove the internal blocks that you may have whether you are aware of them or not. Most of life’s real hurdles are internally generated and it can all be going on without your knowledge. For example financial difficulties may be part of your DNA and genetic coding. In the end financial prosperity is really an inside job.

Absolutely. Again, without our knowledge we draw to us energetically people who mirror ourselves. That means if we clean up our own internal psyche, what gets drawn into our orbit is greatly enhanced. You will remove blocks to finding love as well as drawing to yourself healthier prospects.

Absolutely yes. Energy work is so successful with PTSD it is frequently used to sucessfully heal Vietnam Veterans.

Yes, this kind of phobia is very responsive to energy work whether it is rooted in trauma from previous experiences or from a predisposition arising as a combination of genetic tendencies or other biological and psychological factors.

I’ve known this kind of energy clearing to resolve a loss trauma that people have suffered from for years in as little as one or two visits.