What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle test is applied kinesiology and a unique method of evaluating bodily functions by means of manual muscle testing.  The procedures involve a comparison of the relative “strength” in the examined muscles as they relate to the muscles themselves in addition to associated neurologic, lymphatic, vascular, respiratory, energetic, mental, and other functions.  It is assumed that what is being tested is the energy supply to the muscle and not the strength of the muscle itself.

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In energy healing it is used as a diagnostic tool using the muscles strength to measure what is going on in the body mind.  Strong muscle responses usually indicate congruence, or a “yes “answer.  Weak muscle responses usually indicate incongruence, or a “no” answer.

Muscle testing was developed in the 1940’s by two physical therapists, Florence and Henry Kendall.  They discovered that structural and nutritional deficits result in impaired muscle function, which can be assessed by physically assessing the strength of muscles.  Furthermore, when muscle testing is used for psychological issues, neuromuscular functioning, which is generally facilitated when the subject experiences positive emotions and muscular dysfunction is evidenced when the subject experiences distressing emotions.  In other words, positive emotions generally result in a strong muscle response, whereas negative emotions, such as anxiety and guilt feelings, generally result in a weak muscle response.

What muscle testing can be used for…

  1. Muscles testing can be used in all of the healing arts…be they physical, mental/emotional and psycho-spiritual.
  2. Muscle testing can be used to locate energy disturbances and blockages
  3. Muscle testing can be used to identify whether energy disturbances or blockages have been corrected.
  4. Muscle testing can be used in Identifying whether a substance (foo, supplement or medicine is good for you.
  5. Muscle testing can be used to correct the dose for supplement or medicines.

What muscle testing cannot be used for…

  1. Muscle testing cannot be used for testing things that are not verifiable such as is there a God?  Or do extra-terrestrials exist?
  2. Muscle testing cannot be used for things that are unethical such as trying to win at gambling, or wield power over another etc.
  3. To prove things, such as is someone lying.  (Lie detector tests may generally be accurate but not always and are not allowed as legal evidence.

Accessing your deepest wisdom.

Energy healer’s and therapists report they get much more accurate clinical and personal results to muscle testing when they first access the client’s deepest wisdom before muscle testing.   To do this simply preface the question with, “From your deepest wisdom,…?”

Don’t think let it happen.  Muscle testing is not a query of your conscious mind.  For this reason, it is best not to hold the question in the mind but to send or hold it in the body.  Send the question into your body and then let your muscles answer.

Muscle testing yourself


  1. Hands

       Circle and press

        One handed

               2.  Legs

               3.   Whole body tilt

Muscle testing others


  1. Arms
  2. Legs
  3. Other


  1. Check hydration (energy work uses up the body’s hydration and will result in wonky answers until more water is consumed).
  2.  Check for low blood sugar.  Again this will interfere with responses.
  3.  Put soul/Spirit back into the body.
  4. Check that system is not overloaded.
  5. Check for blockages and partial blockages in the energy field.  Correct by stating “I choose to unblock.”
  6. Check for phobias of muscle testing.  Treat with UFO holding.
  7. Ask correct and precise questions.  The body does not lie but people are complicated so the response will only be as good as the questions.