The Bubble of Perception

The Bubble of Perception

THE BUBBLE OF PERCEPTION We think we can experience this world clearly through our perceptions. We think we see reality, but what we see is our own bubble of perception, filtered through all of our associations, desires, language and conditioning. When we live only in our bubble of perception, only in the solid world of fixed boundaries, we are cut off from the totality, the mystery of our being. Yet, awareness is our nature, without bounds, without solidity. We create this bounded world of phenomena in order to survive and make sense of things.


As the path of awakening helps us see through the bubble of perception, we get a taste of the unconditioned – where the vastness, the love, simply flows through. This is how we can truly know that we’re more than just our thoughts or our body – that this very body-mind is the vastness, and simultaneously a unique manifestation of it.

As the curtain of separation lifts, we begin to know what life really is. We come to see that the purpose of human life is to become awake to who we truly are – the vastness itself, no longer limited to the notion of a separate “self.” From this place of connectedness, we realize that our deepest wish is to live more openly from the Heart; and we also understand that saying Yes to life means saying Yes to everything – even the hard parts. Ezra Bayda.

Now these hard parts are where for the practitioner energy healing can exponentially enhance and accelerate our spiritual evolution.  It does this by clearing these damage patterns that are so intractable via meditation practice alone.  Thus making energy healing and meditation fit together like a box and its lid.