Zen Practice

Zen Practice

Zen practice emphasizes the following qualities:

Stillness:  settling down in mind and body.

        Perseverance: staying with all the ups and downs of our lives.


        Clear seeing:  clarifying our conditioned beliefs and strategies.

Willingness: acknowledging and embracing whatever life presents—including anger, fear,     shame, and confusion—as the path of awakening.

Loving-kindness:  awakening to the loving-kindness and compassion that are the nature of our being.

Integral Practice includes and adds:

        Waking up: As in Zen practice above and/or other practices such as Advaita Vedanta, Christian Mysticism, Kabbala, Tibetan Buddhism, Therevada Buddhism, Sufism, etc.

Growing up: being aware of and taking into account the human stages of development.

Cleaning up: working with disowned shadow material.

Showing up: finding ways to serve humanity/others.