Why is energy therapy so much more effective than traditional talk therapy?

Why is energy therapy so much more effective than traditional talk therapy?

Firstly by the use of muscle testing’s guidance, it is your own higher self’s innate wisdom that guides and directs the course of this kind of therapy.  This in itself eliminates any potential danger from an unskilled or unhealthy therapist.  At its very worst in the hands of an incompetent therapist energy therapy may be ineffective, but all potential for harm has been eliminated.  Because it is directed by the clients own innate inner wisdom, the therapist knows exactly where to direct their attention and whether a statement is true or not.

Energy Healing

Our minds work very much the way a computer works.  By this I mean it follow the programming it has been given.  Even though we don’t want to believe this, it is our unconscious that direct our lives to conform to however it has been programmed.  Thus it directs the course of our life leaving us without choice as to directing our life any other way.  It controls our perception, thought, choices, decisions, feelings and actions.  These unconscious beliefs though often erroneous determine our world view.  They create our understanding of who we are, what we are capable of and how difficult things are going to be in our life, what we can expect from ourselves and the kinds of limitations we face in the world.  Using traditional talk therapy it takes years to unravel the origin of difficulties and damage patterns making progress slow, tedious and often ineffective.  At best it can teach one without good cognitive skill, clearer understanding and coping strategies.

My go to energy method is Be Set Free Fast and it is just as the name implies a method that heals and sets us free instantly.  By working with the way that the mind work, a therapist using this energy modality has the ability to simply observe a difficulty and proceed to de-program the subconscious mind to eliminate the problem or issue absolutely, all the way to the very root.  When we program the subconscious mind to eliminate in totality the very roots of a given difficulty the subconscious mind will do just as directed.  The observable problem or issue we want to eliminate is all that is needed in order to know where to begin.  The healing itself is instantaneous and muscle testing has the ability to tell us if the issue has cleared.  Once cleared the healing is permanent.  Imagine how clearing all issues one has ever experienced with a parent (which is usually done in 1 visit) can change one’s life.  I’ve had clients tell me they received more good from 1 hour of energy therapy than in 5 years of conventional talk therapy.

Another significant advantage to energy healing is that due to the mind body connection a great many physical difficulties have emotional components and thus can be instantly healed.  These too can be treated quickly and permanently.  This kind of healing clears a physical difficulty on the spot.  The extent of the physical healing being determined by how much the emotions have been involved making it a manifestation of the mind body connection rather than being purely a physical injury.  An example of this is a resent client who suffered from TMJ so badly she could not touch the side of her face or brush her teeth.  She had spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture, hypnosis and more in an attempt to ease her excruciating pain.  In 1 hour I was able to clear the problem by 85% and the remaining 15% was cleared by the next visit.  All of this instantly, cheaply and free of unwanted side effects of medications.  It is stories like this that have dramatically changed lives and I believe make energy the healing of the future.