Unleashing the Power of Energy Psychology: BSFF and Optimizing Client’s Deepest Knowing

Unleashing the Power of Energy Psychology: BSFF and Optimizing Client’s Deepest Knowing


In the field of psychology, traditional therapy methods often employ techniques that can sometimes have limitations or pitfalls. Counter-transference, for instance, is a phenomenon where a therapist’s emotional response towards a client impacts the therapeutic process. However, a powerful alternative called Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), a form of energy psychology, uses muscle testing to determine if a goal is in the client’s highest good according to the client’s own deepest knowing. With the use of cue words, the goal is cleared of any and all interference on the conscious, unconscious, body, spiritual, etheric, and absolutely all unknown levels of reality and beyond. By leveraging the body’s energy systems and the power of mind-body integration, BSFF provides a therapy approach that is free from potential pitfalls like counter-transference. In this blog post, we explore how BSFF operates and how it can enhance the therapeutic experience.

Energy Psychology

Understanding the Basics of BSFF

Be Set Free Fast, developed by Dr. Larry Nims, is a highly effective modality within the realm of energy psychology. It combines elements of thought field therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnotherapy to bring about fast and transformative results. BSFF rests on the belief that individuals possess their own innate wisdom and healing capabilities to overcome various psychological challenges.

The Role of Cues and Optimizing Client’s Deepest Knowing

One of the key aspects of BSFF is the utilization of specific cues provided by the client. These cues are the client’s self-identified problems, symptoms, or limiting beliefs. By identifying and acknowledging these cues, the therapy process begins to access the client’s deepest knowledge.

Unlike traditional therapy, where an outside expert often directs the healing process, BSFF empowers the client to access their own inner wisdom. This approach enhances personal agency and allows for a more profound and lasting transformation.

The Power of Energy Systems and Mind-Body Integration

BSFF operates on the foundational understanding that the body possesses its own energetic system. This system can become imbalanced due to negative emotions, traumatic experiences, or limiting beliefs. Through the use of identified cues, BSFF helps to restore balance and harmony in the body’s energy system.

Furthermore, BSFF recognizes the vital interplay between the mind and body. By integrating affirmations, bodily sensations, and cognitive restructuring techniques, alongside the the use of cue words BSFF optimizes the connection between the two. This integration allows for a holistic approach to healing and transformation.

Avoiding Potential Pitfalls: Counter-Transference

One of the notable pitfalls in therapy is counter-transference, where a therapist’s own unresolved issues or emotions interfere with the therapeutic process. However, BSFF minimizes this risk as the therapist’s role is primarily to guide the client through the technique rather than imposing personal interpretations or biases on the client’s experience. The focus remains on the client’s cues and their innate wisdom, fostering an environment free from counter-transference.


Energy psychology, specifically BSFF, offers a groundbreaking approach to therapy that optimizes the client’s deepest knowing while avoiding potential pitfalls commonly associated with traditional therapy methods. By operating on cues, engaging with the body’s energy systems, and integrating mind-body techniques, BSFF empowers individuals to access their own innate healing abilities. As the therapeutic process becomes client-centered and free of counter-transference, BSFF facilitates transformational change and paves the way for a more profound and empowering therapeutic experience.