Thought for the Day

Thought For The Day

We all have strategies for trying to control or manage our life; to keep from falling through the cracks; to gain love.  For most of us this takes the form of achievement.  In other words; look what I have achieved is our strategy for safety.  But on the deeper journey that is the journey that includes the spirit, more often we encounter the reality that our strategies ultimately fail. 

Then we can recognize, look at what has become of me.  Or in other words look what I have become as a result of where I have been.  I believe this is where we encounter our essential ground of being and how well we learn how to love becomes the answer.  This is the essence of the spiritual journey that is our life.  How well we learn to love, often is not gained so much by our achievements but by our failures.  Here we are challenged to learn not how can I gain love but how well can I extend it. Learn more about Energy Healing, Muscle Testing & Mental Clarity.