Seeing The World Clearly

Seeing The World Clearly

Oddly enough, it’s the man who attends only to the outer scene, ignoring what lies at its Centre, who is more or less blind to that scene. For the world is a curious phenomenon that, like a faint star, can be clearly observed only when it isn’t directly looked at. The world will hide its true face from us until we look in the opposite direction, catching sight of it in the mirror of the Self.

Douglas Harding, Look For Yourself

Your Side

Look at that patch of blue carpet and see what’s your side of it now. Is there anything confronting the blue or added to it, any mistiness or speck or stain imposed upon the pure colour, any visual apparatus, any seer or seeing of the blue? Are you not utterly blued, become just blueness itself and nothing more? Is there anything, ever, in front of what’s seen?”                  —Douglas HardingThe Face Game: Liberation without Dogmas, Drugs or Delay

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