Remembering Humility to See Our Imperfections

Remembering Humility to See Our Imperfections

Humility allows us to see clearly our own imperfections

and the ways that we too cause pain

to ourselves and others.

If we forget to be humble we might find ourselves

wrapped in a false cloak of knowing,

followed by a larger armor of superiority.

Pain and disappointment thrives

in the desire to dominate,

to be more than, and certain about something,

or everything, or nothing.

When we humbly surrender the need to be superior to others,

we allow the opportunity to experience ourselves

as simply a living being,

connected to others in the magnificence

of both sunlight and darkness.

Confining our life to a single perspective

is a lonely disservice to the very nature of life itself,

as revealed in experiencing each shared breath,

while noticing that spider on the wall

and the bird singing in the background.