Power as the Central Component to the Human Experience

Power as the Central Component to the Human Experience

Power as the central component to the human experience is something I am beginning to give more and more thought to.  What is power?  What are the different kinds of power?    Is power external?  Is power internal?  What is the difference between the two?  I don’t believe that there is one thing that we do in our lives that does not have a central power component within it.  How can we not lose our power in the daily exchanges and challenges of our lives?  And how can we use our power responsibly, wisely and lovingly?  This is the whole of the human drama.  Being created in the image of God is nothing if not a testament to our ability to bring creation into form.  We have enormous creative power, both consciously and unconsciously. 

The phenomenon in our modern world of the consciousness movement has provoked in many an individuation process often leading into journeys of healing or other forms of modern mysticism.  As such the empowerment that follows comes from a source originating deep within.  The journey into one’s own soul is for that light that comes from an inner sense of source.   This individuation process becomes a path of internal power.  As we continue, we will be confronted with the correct use of our power.  Thus the central question becomes—how do we use our power?  Do we empower ourselves at the expense of another?  External power when not supported by internal empowerment is by its very nature unstable at best, and at worst – violent.   Learn more about Energy Healing, Muscle Testing & Mental Clarity.


The hermetic journey may be valid for the individual on a journey of soul retrieval, but when it is a collective story I think it becomes very dangerous.  The mass mind crushes out the insight and reflection that is the objective of the individual.  But here we are, globally participating in a world dance where Jews, Christians and Muslims all share the same “end of days” scenario as our collective myth.  The problem is that when a person or in this case a community, is unconscious, the myth carries the story:  A kind of default function takes over and as such, we have a mobilization of millions of people unconsciously playing out a very dangerous archetypal story.    

The Jew carries within as the experience that formed him, the memory of the ghetto and the holocaust.  An inner world of powerlessness still haunts the Jewish soul.  This memory of powerlessness has left Israel blind to its enormous power in the external world.  Adding to this dynamic, I believe the “Jew” and Israel have become within the collective brain an archetype.  It has become an archetype for both “the tribe” and for the “alien” outside the general community.  Again, I believe this is very dangerous. As our myth goes, the Israelites—The Chosen People—are facing with Hezbollah and Lebanon, a very profound test concerning the right use of power.  I believe that what is now being played out is also a profound crisis in the soul of Jews globally.  How can one as a Jew live from reverence of Self and Other (I and Thou) and not have this destruction of Lebanon be a torment to one’s soul? 

Personally, I read this mythic and apocalyptic language as a warning of the necessity to manage our vast external power with the wisdom and love that only come with internal empowerment both individually and collectively.  This is a challenge for us all, mystics and healers, as well as for each of us on this earth to find that Source which only is to be found within. Learn more about Energy Healing, Muscle Testing & Mental Clarity.