Energy Psychology for Typical Physical Conditions

Energy Psychology for Typical Physical Conditions

Because of the mind body connection BSFF can be used to permanently and quickly resolve the emotion/spiritual drivers behind many physical issues.  Although I have been trained and certified in energy medicine modalities I find it is not my forte.’  Instead I choose to use the energy psychology methods because I have found them to be even more effective.  That is provided it has a psychological dimension and many physical issues do.  A simple muscle test tells me if this is an issue I can effectively treat.

Energy Psychology

Last week I had a client with TMJ so severe she could not brush her teeth or bear to have the side of her face touched. 

For six months she had been in excruciating pain.  She had tried everything she could think of seeking relief and was living on pain killers. First she tried her primary care doctor to no avail and then tried several sessions of acupuncture.  She found chiropractic gave her some relief and so had been having chiropractic adjustments twice a week.  This she had been doing the entire time as well as using medical massage to assist the chiropractic. 

I muscle tested with the question “did the TMJ have a psychological or spiritual component?”  Yes it did. “Was this an issue that would respond to BSFF and yes it was.”  In fact it was entirely psychological in origin.  Because of this I was able to resolve the entire issue in one hour and fifteen minutes.  The TMJ was entirely gone.  Three weeks later I did a follow up session to resolve the message her body had been trying to tell her.  That message was that it was time for her to learn to speak up and advocate for herself.  She was so fearful for conflict that she allowed herself to get steamrolled by others, a pattern of behavior that had its roots in early childhood.

Another example of how BSFF can help resolve physical problems is typical.  A client who had scoliosis and second degreed degeneration of two disks in the back that are nearly fused came to me with the knowledge that muscle tensions were complicating the physical dimension of her backs painful condition.  Using BSFF I was easily able in one visit to resolve the emotions behind the muscle tension.  Now instead of seeing her chiropractor one a week and a medical massage therapist once a week, she gets chiropractic adjustment once every six weeks and the massage therapist once a month.

Chiropractors often partner with massage therapists but still have not learned the far more profound difference energy psychology can make in helping the chiropractic patient.  I believe anyone who gets regular or semi-regular chiropractic care could benefit enormously by using the kinds of methods I use.  That is because I am able to get to the real cause of so much of spinal subluxation.   Even those for whom chiropractic is needed for physical trauma such as a car accident also benefit from relieving the tension in the muscles caused by the familiar mind body connection.