Compassion’s Way

Compassion’s Way

Every single day we lose ourselves in our thoughts, allowing our brilliant minds to
foolishly convince us that the truth is held in this one small aspect of our being. In
everyday life it is easy to get lost in our own determination to be separate – as if
we weren’t birthed out of someone else’s body – as if we didn’t touch each other
with our eyes and ears and tongues and hearts.

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In the stillness we pause and allow ourselves to experience our mysterious being
that has so many dimensions we have failed to notice. The reasoning mind knows
it’s silly to pretend to be any particular thought. It is foolish indeed to abandon
the miracle of our heart beating while we listen to our latest thoughts on fear.
It is absurd to attempt to reject the formless field of benefaction that surrounds
us always including in this moment as you read this.

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the texture of the air that surrounds you and connects you and me to
everything? Whether we notice or not, we are connected to all that we fear and
we are connected to all that we love. We are connected to all that we avoid and
run from – Or cling to and crush. We are connected to our desperation while
simultaneously connecting to our aspiration.

What is most important is not whether we cling or reject, accept or refrain.
What matters most is that we experience the swirling evidence of the continuum
and that we feel our shared aliveness and impermanence all at once. It is from
this awareness that we begin to find ourselves on the path of compassion’s way.

By Diane Moore