Am I truly invisible?

Am I truly invisible?

I’ve decided to write a piece that is a departure from my usual in which I talk a bit about my own personal self.  In this I am elucidating an example of how the psychological/spiritual healing I practice and my Zen practice fit together so perfectly to the benefit of both. 

After a Zen program and dharma talk where I attend Zen services there is always a question and answer period.  On one occasion I was raising my hand attempting to be called on.  I had a question but I could not get called on no matter how I persisted.  This has happened many times and typically it was given no more serious consideration other than my usual acknowledgment that I feel subjectively on many levels as though I am invisible.  But this time I began to question if I was truly invisible in a much larger sense.  I began questioning because the feeling that I am invisible is so very, very familiar. 

As I work with muscle testing in my energy work, I asked my innate deepest wisdom if it was objectively true.  Am I in fact invisible to others in a way that is much broader than just my subjective, hyper sensitivity rooted in a very old wound to my psyche? Not surprisingly my muscle testing responded that I was indeed invisible.

Energy Healing

In fact this was 90% responsible for most of my professional and financial difficulties throughout my life. It explains, at least superficially why marketing has never, and I mean never, helped me.  Now in truth there have been many more aspects to this particular difficulty but at this point in time it accounted for 100% of all remaining and until now overlooked obstacles to my professional progress. 

Applying my energy healing it was a half hour fix.

What more is there to say except Wowza!!!

I include this here as I know that many suffer from this very same phenomenon and once uncovered is such an easy fix