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Together, using the wisdom of your own unconscious, let’s Find the way that your life can become more satisfying today.

Directly access the emergence of your own True Self’s guidance.

Do you suffer from phobias? Are you a trauma survivor? Do you have PTSD? Do you having trouble with love, money or your own self? Are you looking to get your life back on track after a divorce? Are addictions something you struggle with?

If any of these are you, I’m glad you are here.

Let me introduce myself. I help Others like you heal from life’s major disappointments when other modalities have failed.


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Areas Of Focus

I am often asked what types of pain I can help to heal.

Here are examples of the types of struggles I can help yourself from.

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Centropix Kloud

Modern living places tremendous strain on our well-being from all internal and external angles. Centropix has developed three primary tools that cover the needs of today’s health challenges ideally suited to these challenging times.  The flagship product is the Kloud.  If you purchase only one device this is the one recommended.  As the flagship device for Centropix, the Kloud is the next generation of PEMF devices.  I compare the Kloud to any other PEMF as a Model T Ford to a Tesla. 

It really is that different. Able to activate every cell in your body it, in turn, resets the electromagnetic charge of each cell to the exact frequency of the Earth.

Centropix Mat


How muscle testing led me to HBLU and BSFF.


Our Services

Learn about our introductory sessions and how you and I will work together.


Healing Modalities

Accessing the unconscious mind is the key.


Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing, Applied Kinesiology, and Biofeedback of the Muscular System

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