Centropix Bubble and Kloud Devices for Health Challenges

The Kloud is the result of more than 60 years of PEMF research and development.

Finalized in 202, the Kloud has the molecular activation potential 50x greater than any competitor.

This frequency therapy uses the subtle, non-invasive Frequencies to help activate our molecules and recharge the body.

Our company is focused on fighting diseases by targeting electrical signals in the body, Jumping-Starting a novel field of medicine called bioelectronics.

This newest technology includes three patents.

“This is by far the best technology for your well-being that’s what I stand for with my name.”

Professor Dr. Wolf A. Kafka


KLOUD Benefits

The KLOUD is the world’s first PEMA applicator to feature the break-through KAFKA PEMA signal. It contains a cloud-based and patented technology, which can be controlled via the CENTROPIX app or the manual applicator. This award-winning device is lightweight and foldable, easy to use on the go, with convenient mobile phone use. The KLOUD can support the well-being of humans and animals:

  • Increased life energy Sleep optimization
  • Synchronization of body functions
  • Improved bioresilience
  • Natural balance restoration
  • Relaxation of mind, body and soul
  • Increased vitality Benefits

BUBBLE² is a fusion of technology and style

In our ongoing journey to find solutions to the challenges of our time, we are proud to present our latest creation – the BUBBLE² .

This unique “frequency jewelry” with three interchangeable covers represents a groundbreaking advancement toward holistic well-being. 

Electromagnetic fields and frequencies have been used successfully for decades in various applications such as wellness, therapy and fitness to promote well-being.

The B2 is a fashion accessory and at the same time a masterpiece of our engineers in the field of wellness and fitness. By integrating natural magnetic field conditions and earth resonance frequencies, better known as Schumann frequencies, the B2 becomes a stylish companion that can have positive effects on your well-being.

The aim of the development was to find a technical way to compensate for the prevailing problems of Schumann anomalies and the loss of the earth’s magnetic field intensity using natural frequencies and electromagnetic field movements.


Dangers of Modern Time and Especially Modern Technology

Stress and lack of energy are common consequences of today’s living conditions.
Our current lifestyle lacks exercise, proper nutrition, sleep, and stress management.
New technologies such as cell phones, WiFi, Radio-Satellite Systems, Electric Cars, And More Create A Massive Increase In Radiation Exposure. Stresses such as financial worries, workplace issues, or a strained home life can lead to sleep disorders and burnout. Climate change and environmental pollution have multiple consequences, affecting our well-being.

Did you know that the earth’s magnetic field is steadily decreasing (magnetic field deficiency syndrome)? These invisible threats deprive the body of energy it needs for life-sustaining processes. Mankind is facing very big challenges and CENTROPIX offers new and unique solutions to protect against the effects of these daily challenges. Advanced patented solutions are now available to restore quality of life and give the body back the life energy it needs to life fully.