Centropix Cocoon and Kloud Devices for Health Challenges

Centropix Cocoon and Kloud Devices for Health Challenges

Modern living places tremendous strain on our well-being from all internal and external angles. Centropix has developed three primary tools that cover the needs of today’s health challenges ideally suited to these challenging times.  The flagship product is the Kloud.  If you purchase only one device this is the one recommended.  As the flagship device for Centropix, the Kloud is the next generation of PEMF devices.  I compare the Kloud to any other PEMF as a Model T Ford to a Tesla. 

Cocoon Device

It really is that different. Able to activate every cell in your body it, in turn, resets the electromagnetic charge of each cell to the exact frequency of the Earth.  This interrupts the patterns of illness, restoring them to the earth’s frequency, allowing the body to heal and restore itself to optimum health.  No side effects.  Everything from toenail fungus to autoimmune disorders such as fibromyalgia that have in the past been so challenging for modern medicine have gotten truly astounding results.  You will transform from exhausted to energized, sleep-deprived to fully rested and restored in body, mind, and soul.  Even our brain’s power of memory and concentration becomes sharp once again.

Best of all I am offering a free 15-minute session so that you can see for yourself just how you feel after just one very short session.

The other two devices are the Bubble and the Cocoon.  The Cocoon technology mirrors the Earth’s 7.83 Hz magnetic field and transmits it in an 82-foot radius throughout your home.  The breakthrough cocoon technology brings the natural life force frequency to you and all who enter your home.  This is the same frequency that provides nourishment and life to all living things today.  If this same frequency ceased to exist there would be no life on Earth.

The Bubble and Cocoon target electro-smog specifically.  The damage of “electro-smog” is a real threat that all need to become aware of.  This threat has been known and recognized in Europe for a great while.  It leads to poor brain fog, insomnia, fatigue, and a general lack of energy causing us to feel overworked and overwhelmed.

The cocoon was put to the test at the Gunter Haffelder Institute for Brain Research with mass spectral EEG measurements, which are highly sophisticated machines that cannot be fooled!  The conclusion could not have been clearer!  With the Centropix cocoon, the stress caused by e-smog was 100% gone.

Finally, there is the Bubble.  The bubble is worn on your person as a pendant and it protects the same way as the Cocoon does to your home.  Wearing this you can be totally protected from e-smog pollution wherever you go and at all times.  The Bubble can lead to better recovery, reduced fatigue, elevated mood, grounding, more energy, mental clarity, and elevated performance.  These are just some of the numerous benefits that The Bubble users report after wearing the device for just a few days.

Together these devices offer a total wellness experience and are nothing short of life-changing.